large scale toll processing



Zelios Colorado is perfectly positioned to serve the leading CBD producer in the United States. Colorado is home to some of the largest and most influential CBD companies in the industry and is fast becoming the “CBD Capital of America”. With the rise of these industry leading brands, Colorado has seen explosive growth in hemp cultivation- from 1400 acres in 2014 to 17,000 acres in 2017. Today, Colorado is the largest producer of industrial hemp by acreage in the United States. This astonishing growth in cultivation drives the need for the large scale, reliable processing capacity that Zelios can provide. 

As with each of our locations across the U.S., Zelios Colorado is equipped with state-of-the-art processing facilities and contracts with trusted third-party labs to conduct rigorous testing of every product.


Annual Capacity: 2,695,000 lb / 1,223,000 kg

Monthly Capacity: 216,000 lb / 98,000 kg

Weekly Capacity: 50,000 lb / 23,000 kg


From the moment the state’s first hemp crop was planted in 1775, Kentucky has been the historical home of industrial hemp farming in the United States. And, with an increasing number of Kentucky farmers transitioning from other crops back into industrial hemp, Zelios recognizes the need for greater extraction and post-processing services to keep pace. It is for this reason we’ve made Zelios, Kentucky our largest facility, allowing for continuous growth in our processing capacity in this important transportation and logistics hub.


Annual Capacity: 2,359,000 lb / 1,071,000 kg

Monthly Capacity: 189,000 lb / 86,000 kg

Weekly Capacity: 43,000 lb / 20,000 kg


Zelios is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, housing our management and research and development teams in a unique, multi-use processing and R&D facility. That means when it comes to the science of hemp CBD extraction and processing, Zelios Oregon is the brains behind our whole operation. As the CBD market evolves and more industry players turn to the cultivation of industrial hemp for the extraction of CBD, CBG, and the many other amazing cannabinoids in the hemp plant, Zelios will be there to provide the most professional and trusted processing on the U.S. West Coast, and nationwide.


Annual Capacity: 1,348,000 lb / 612,000 kg

Monthly Capacity: 108,000 lb / 49,000 kg

Weekly Capacity: 24,545 lb / 12,000 kg